Access anywhere - Track everything

WhizNext provides an exclusive Bonded warehouse management solution that complies with all customs requirements. A Flexible solution that can be accessed anywhere and can be integrated with all forms of physical tracking systems such as RFID etc.,



CLoud Solution designed for desktop and mobile use
Business Analytic Dashboard with Live Slot occupancy chart
Secured Delivery Challan Module with access anywhere option
Automated reporting with Customs standards
APIs to integrate with any physical tracking Systems
Multi-client and multi-site support for third-party logistics

The Benefits

Easily access the stock and in due and plan the logistics.
Integrate with CHA and Transport systems to have secure and easy connectivity
Track the stock easily with RFID integration and Biometric Integration.
Calculate Instantly and quote easily based on the Stock availability

We take care of everything

Logistics Industry is changing and becoming aggressive. This transformation needs to have supported technological solutions for solving various challenges that a business faces. WhizNext takes care of solving your problem by designing a suitable solution and customizing it to your needs.


Extensive Reports

Automated and Extensive reports which are in compliance with audit norms of customs.


Management Dashboard

Business Analytic dashboard will help the business to define the roadmap and take actions.


Extendable support

Easy to customize and extend as per the specific challenge of the business