After Twitter’s Ads transparency centre Facebook has come up with a similar feature. Facebook now brings more transparency in viewing ads. You can now see your competitors’ ads running across Facebook, Instagram and messenger.

According to Facebook (

Today we’re making significant steps to bring more transparency to ads and Pages on Facebook. Giving people more information about any organization and the ads it’s currently running will mean increased accountability for advertisers, helping to prevent abuse on Facebook.

We all know that Facebook has come under intense scrutiny lately on transparency issues. And this is their solution to educate users about the ads and the business pages behind those ads

Advertisers can now view

  1. Active or running ads across all platforms owned by Facebook. Instagram ( link to our article on video ads) and messenger too.
  2. More information about the pages. Changes made to the pages and page names, etc.

How will this be useful for advertisers?

  1. Know your competitors’ ads and types of ads published. 
  2. Analyse competitors innovation in their ads
  3. Know more about your competitors from their Pages for a better analysis


Twitter launches new Ads transparency centre. According to Twitter, Advertisers are responsible for what they advertise on Twitter.

In the wake of transparency issues in Social Media, Twitter came up with Ad transparency, where you can view the ads published by the advertisers and the details behind the ads.

Twitter says (

As part of our commitment to be more transparent, we’ve created a place where you can search for advertisers and see the details behind ads.

When you search for any advertiser, you’ll be able to see all ads that are currently running on Twitter, including Promoted-only Tweets, or if an ad was suspended and why.

If you search for advertisers running campaigns for federal elections, you’ll be able to see additional details, including the identity of the organization funding the campaign and ad targeting demographics.

This will help digital marketers to know about the ads published by their competitor brands. And can have a better analysis in creating campaigns.