Empowering companies with Technology

Development and product design solutions for companies

WhizNext Technologies provides top technology solutions to our clients. Our process begins with a collaborative and holistic assessment to gain a robust understanding of you, your business and key stakeholders. We will explore your business problems and design tailored solutions.

We make sure your business grow and evolve with the support of our technology.

Digital Transformation with a Purpose

We work for Digital tranformation

We work with companies to ideate, design, evaluate and develop applications and technology solutions keeping in mind their customer's expectations and business needs.

Technology with a Purpose

We work well with businesses and corporates

We help businesses to ideate, develop, evaluate and implement Software Technology applications keeping in mind their expectations and constraints with regard to costs and timelines.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud computing simplifies work and enables the users to store and retrive data at high speeds with affordable costs. A solution that fits your needs and business objectives will even reduce your running costs. Whiznext develops cloud applications blending clients requirments and our technology expertise.

Mobile Application Management

The Mobile interface is the face of every business in Digital Transformation. Building mobile-friendly solutions for businesses to continue their work from anywhere with secure access to company apps, emails and shared files. Whiznext develops easy-to-use mobile applications which leads to a better Return of Investments for companies.

Web Development++

Whiznext has a team of experts in developing web apps that provide excellent user experience and user interface. Whiznext gives its clients a combination of Web and mobile-friendly solutions that includes our Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that is user friendly and packed with state-of-art technology.

We develop cloud solutions reducing customers overheads

We develop and maintain products on IBM Cloud( Bluemix), AWS, and other cloud platforms that help customers access them from anywhere and reduce capital expenses. This also helps us to closely monitor the health of the product

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